Truth Wins! The Rest of the Story!

It was five year ago since this article about my son Victor came out. The link to the newspaper article is below this picture of Victor.


It was five years ago this article mentions Jenny McCarthy and Dr. John Green that put us on the path of hell!

Never give up hope and faith and keep fighting the good fight until the whole truth sets you free!

I want to you all to know that it is now November 2016, exactly 5 years later and my son is set free from these quacks forever.

This old article does not share everything and it is a flat out lie stating there was no evidence of harm.  There was a time in the court room when I argued about Dr. Green’s treatment plan and Dr. Green told the court that “Miss Combs need to be restrained.” The judge idolized Dr. Green as if he was an expert witness. People and parents, never idolize others!

I want Jenny McCarthy to know that I don’t think you would put your own child through the harm my son experienced. After multiple IV chelation treatments I took my son home while he is holding his head in pain crying.  I held my non verbal son screaming in pain after he was given secretin.  He was given secretin because “it would give him language according to Dr. Green” Yes he had language after the secretin was given to him. As waves of stomach and head pain came again he yelled out “God Dammit not again!”  I did not even know that my son knew sware words. In fact, he is never said a sware words since then.  These medical treatments were the cause of my sons to be split up.  Victor’s best peer/teacher was his brother Jared.  Jared never believed in these treatments from the start and still to this day has animosity for what his brother and him went through.  These treatments also caused broken relationships.  Dr. Green is listed as a Generation Rescue Recommended doctor on Jenny McCarthy’s website.

Below is a photo of supplements Victor had to take under Dr. Green’s orders which were court ordered at one time.


We are free now!  The bottom line is Victor is no longer being treated by this dangerous way of thinking.  The quacks are gone forever.  Victor, now 21 lives with his father whom has full Guardianship.  Victor has improved with strides physically and mentally since the quacks are gone and breaks my heart if I look back 5 years ago.  Victor is coming out his shell more.  He always had language!  It proves that love and acceptance is the best treatment you give anyone!  Victor and I skype every Sunday night and have visits.  Now that the quacks are gone Victor’s father and I are working together in harmony.

Whatever battle you are in NEVER give up hope because eventually the WHOLE truth will set you free making a full circle to VICTORY!

The most supportive people that helped us to this freedom were people from United Kingdom, Dr. Barrett, Dr. Rust, Dr. Laidler, Dr. Brent, medical boards and my friends whom are on the autistic spectrum.  Thank you!!!!


Be very cautious with the information on the internet and heart wrenching to see autistics being targeted by quacks.