Victory for Victor


This is Victor my 20 year old son.  It has taken many years for my family and I to feel this much peace after many years of battle.  It has been over a year now since he has been taken off of his 20-30 supplements regimen and his mind clearer, happier and more spontaneous language coming out.  You are more than welcomed to email me  if you are researching medical treatments for autism.

Victory for Victor because the state of Washington health officials halt his medical treatments.  The link to that story is below.  I don’t have to worry about my son being abused anymore!  My son received numerous chelation by IV with the provoking agent DMPS.  He became very sweaty holding his head in pain screaming.  The doctors response was sometimes regression appears before improvement.  My son also reacted with secretin in a horrible way and the doctor had the nerve to ask to try it again in smaller doses.  This needs to be more exposed to the public and media to educate others.

This is a post to let you know we are doing well now.  My son and I have regular visitations and Skype to each other every Sunday night.  So life is good!

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Victor and his brother Jared.  They rock in my world.  They are both born on the same day exactly one year apart.