Brothers Voices Heard 10 yrs later!

This case had a total of 10 years of battle in the court room.


It was a case that involved 2 closed knit brothers, born on the same day, exactly a year apart.  The brothers never fought.  A special relationship where the younger brother continues to look up to his older sibling.

Jared and Victor.  Victor was a blue baby when he was born due to choking on the amniotic fluid.  CPR was done twice in the first 2 days of his life.

Victor was very easy, passive and rarely cried even when he was hungry.  A speech specialist told me years later that these were red flags of autism.

I did not know what autism was and living in Oregon through the 90’s it was not spoken of.  As Victor’s behavior was not one I was accustomed too, the more I started researching for answers.  Victor became more withdrawn around 2 to 3 years old.  He would wear a cowboy hat to avoid stares from others.  We were fortunate that our golden lab as shown in this picture constantly watched Victor and would find him for us when he ran off.


One thing lead to another, learning he may be autistic and found many providers at that time were not educated which lead me to a doctor that claimed he treated autism.

We were running on fear, exhausted from worry and wanted what was best for my son.  We joined the bandwagon that he may be sick from the vaccines.  Victor’s brother never believed he was sick and was always upset when the doctor would exam him as if he was.  The first visit with the anti vaccine doctor was an emotional one for both Victor’s dad and I.  The doctor had charm and charisma and stared at Victor saying out loud “We will get you out of there.”  I looked at Victor’s father and his eyes soften with tears and could see he idolized the doctor wanting to believe he was rescuing Victor from what I don’t know.

I was on the bandwagon of this doctor until I knew my son was being over medicated and when 2 weeks of pills over filled a dinner plate it made me ill inside.


The boys father and I fought over the science of autism for years in Oregon.  The judge admitted at the beginning he did not what autism was.  He bought into the anti vaccine’s Doctor’s tongue of charm stating he travels the world with the cutting edge therapies.  The judge agreed to court order me to follow this doctor’s treatments or my visitation and rights would be lessened.

Both Victor’s brother Jared and I were devastated.  I started blogging and putting the doctor’s treatment plan on twitter yelling out that I need help rescuing my son.  I was reported to Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch by a contact from United Kingdom.  Dr. Barrett was the strength and support I needed going through this nightmare.

Victor’s father moved to another state, the judge denied my motion to reopen to listen to expert witnesses on Victor’s treatments but took the advice of the anti vaccine doctor to ok to split the siblings because the father was supportive of the risky treatments.  Jared was having no part of supporting the doctor and was hurt immensely because his voice was not heard and the court rejected his request to talk to the judge privately.

Below is the photo of us shortly before the brother were split.  It brings tears to this day.


Awesome Brothers

As years went on and kept on fighting the good fight til the whole truth came out.

January 2016 was a great victory!  Victor was assigned a Guardian Ad Litem to represent him at 20 years old and at the same time his brother Jared submitted his voice through a declaration to the court.


The Superior Court of State of WA are pleased the anti vaccine doctors are gone and my sons are so much happier now to be loved and accepted for who they are!

Dr. Barrett’s work inspired me to pay it forward by being a CASA Volunteer and how grateful I was that Victor was with me on the day I was sworn in.


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