CASA for Kids!


I have recently sworn in to be a CASA for kids volunteer.  CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate.  Every kid deserves their voice to be heard in the court room.  This program help kids get in a safe and loving home away from neglect and/or abuse.

It was a special day for me getting sworn in at our district court.  I happened to have my special son that day and he went with me to be sworn in.  I hesitated to take him not wanting him to be uncomfortable but the opposite happened.  He enjoyed looking at the old court building that was built in the late 1880’s.

I am paying it forward for all the great people that helped me behind the scenes of my past court battles.  We are flawed people and we know the court systems can be flawed and for us felt like a maze to get out of a mess.

One really learns from big life battles.  What helped us the best was staying positive, getting back up from knock downs, reaching out to the right people and never giving up with prayers.  At the end one can be filled with so much more knowledge about life things.

I am grateful for the CASA program and hope in the future there will be more programs like this giving kids more voices, more truth in the court room.

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