Victor is Happy Now!


This photo is yesterday of my son Victor and I.  We were lead to anti vaccine doctors and he is much happier now not having to take 20-30 supplements to clean the toxins in his body.  I have visitation back with Victor now and we do have fun and laughter.

It was sad to watch my non verbal son look at all the supplements he was suppose to take and found he would sneak some in the garbage or throw them under the table.  Can you imaging sitting in his spot and feeling that he is being coached to take all these pills because we don’t accept him the way he is.

There was a time he was given Secretin and the doctor said it was for language.  Victor had language alright but he also had severe pain yelling swear words “God Dammit not again!” as the pain kept recurring in his gut.  I yelled at the doctor to stop the treatment and than he asked to do it later in a smaller dose!

He also had violent reactions from chelation treatments which is chelation abuse.

It has been a year and a half since he has been rescued from the bad doctors and everyone that surrounds Victor can see how much happier he is and is coming out of his shell more with confidence!!







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