Autistic son Chelation Abuse

If you are a parent of an autistic child and you are researching chelation than I hope you take the to time to read this blurb.

Today I write about Chelation Abuse.  In the late 90’s I did not even know what Autism was and went to the internet to research how to rescue.  As I research I was driven by fear and that itself was my first mistake which lead us into a mess.

The first thing I learned from the internet in the late 90’s was a clean diet such as the gluten/dairy free diet can help.  I was good with that.  Over time, one thing lead to another and we are lead to a medical treatment that includes chelation.  I was convinced at that time that my child was sick and there was this window opportunity that we needed to act on before it was too late.

My son went through chelation abuse for years.  Multiple times after chelation my son held his head crying, sweating, holding his hands to both sides of his head in pain.  There was also so many days of painful diarrhea.  The doctor response said that this reaction is temporary and sometimes you will experience regression before you see improvements.  You may wonder why was this type of treatment tolerated?  We were in a mess and could write a book on it because it was mess that ethically was wrong on so many levels!  But right now just want to focus on chelation.

Today there is currently a new hype about the VAXXED movie and looks like Generation Rescue is taking advantage of this moment to lead people to their site to set up you with a rescue angel.  I just want to share that one of the doctors that is labeled “Generation Rescue Recommended” was a doctor that was ok chelating my son for years and realized later it was abuse.

Below is links about chelation. The first site is off the State of Oregon government which made possible after reporting our experience to the Oregon Medical Board.

The second site is good information from Chelation Watch which is the site that helped me get out of our mess.

We don’t need a rescue angel for my son.  He is an angel that has touched our family in ways making us better people.  It showed us that our heavenly father can make any complicated mess into a blessing in disguise. Hopefully our story will help others to avoid the long suffering we experienced.  I don’t want sympathy and believe things happen for a reason.

Have a wonderful day!










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