Victor rescued from Unsafe Autism Medical Treatments!

Victor is my son and visited him in July 2015 and thanks to State of Washington for halting the alternative medical treatments. The picture of pills on a dinner plate is what 1 week of supplements looked like that Victor was taking.


The first picture of Victor in August of 2014

before his piano lessons which he loves! victormusic The last two picture is when we visited Victor 8 months after getting away from the doctor that prescribed all those supplements that’s on the dinner plate. Please be careful taking your kids to alternative care! victorjuly2015 victorjuly20151

GREAT NEWS! VICTORY FOR VICTOR! I heard from court that a Guardian Ad Litem to be assigned to my son Victor to do what is best for him. He will investigate all areas of the existing Guardianship and interview interested parties related to Victor. This is awesome 🙂

My name is Suzy Combs and I have a 19 year old son with autism. My son is not very verbal and lacks the skill to express himself and emotions. I am searching for Advocacy Support.

My son Victor and family have a loving relationship and his visiting rights have been stripped at this time. There are authorities (court appointed commissioner) working on his case but due to the court not handling a case like Victor’s before it is going to take much longer for them to take steps forward. They state they are trying to be real careful which I respect that.

As they work on this case I am searching for advocacy support for Victor and do what I can as his mom to do what is best for my son.

I have just began to read about different programs on the net and here are three of them. If you had any good experiences with any of these or have other suggestions please email at

If you do not know but want to help please forward this on. If you are getting this by twitter, will you please tweet it.

If you want to learn more about this case you can click on the link below that tells about our current battles and hope we can began to work together for my son Victor.

Thank you!

Autism National Committee-

Autism Network International-

Autistic Self Advocacy Network-

Thank you Dr. Barrett! A Critical Look at Defeat Autism Now! and the “Dan Protocal”

My son with autism is 19 now. I don’t think he will mentally comprehend the best advocate he has going for him.

It is Dr. Barrett
Dr. Barrett

His work gave myself and family HOPE. The domestic court system failed to protect my son from unsafe medical treatments.

Dr. Stephen Barrett’s work was the major and deciding factor of putting my son out of harms way.

Here is a link to his most recent article on DAN!