Connection through Music!


You were right Eddie!  The photo above is my nephew, Victor’s cousin whom has gone home to the Lord four years ago.  Eddie had an amazing talent on the violin and piano.  He had told me years ago that he believed Victor had a natural talent on the piano.  One day Eddie was playing on the piano and Victor watched him and than sat beside him on the piano bench.  According to Eddie, while he was playing a song, Victor played his own tune making harmony.

I met a wonderful music teacher, Lori Cologne that lives in our home town of Boulder, Montana.  I had the feeling that Victor and Lori would connect and with Victor being not very verbal it was important. We took advantage of the two week visitation we have with Victor and set up his first official piano lesson last Friday.

I am sooo grateful I was there to witness Victor’s first lesson.  Victor repeated what he did with his cousin Eddie.  Lori said that she never had a student harmonize with her before and Victor was the first!  Lori was playing the piano and he played his own tune again harmonizing with her.

What an awesome discovery!  It is such a cool way to connect to your son with autism, connecting to his world!