Victory for Victor


This is Victor my 20 year old son.  It has taken many years for my family and I to feel this much peace after many years of battle.  It has been over a year now since he has been taken off of his 20-30 supplements regimen and his mind clearer, happier and more spontaneous language coming out.  You are more than welcomed to email me  if you are researching medical treatments for autism.

Victory for Victor because the state of Washington health officials halt his medical treatments.  The link to that story is below.  I don’t have to worry about my son being abused anymore!  My son received numerous chelation by IV with the provoking agent DMPS.  He became very sweaty holding his head in pain screaming.  The doctors response was sometimes regression appears before improvement.  My son also reacted with secretin in a horrible way and the doctor had the nerve to ask to try it again in smaller doses.  This needs to be more exposed to the public and media to educate others.

This is a post to let you know we are doing well now.  My son and I have regular visitations and Skype to each other every Sunday night.  So life is good!

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Victor and his brother Jared.  They rock in my world.  They are both born on the same day exactly one year apart.




Truth Wins! The Rest of the Story!

It was five year ago since this article about my son Victor came out. The link to the newspaper article is below this picture of Victor.


It was five years ago this article mentions Jenny McCarthy and Dr. John Green that put us on the path of hell!

Never give up hope and faith and keep fighting the good fight until the whole truth sets you free!

I want to you all to know that it is now November 2016, exactly 5 years later and my son is set free from these quacks forever.

This old article does not share everything and it is a flat out lie stating there was no evidence of harm.  There was a time in the court room when I argued about Dr. Green’s treatment plan and Dr. Green told the court that “Miss Combs need to be restrained.” The judge idolized Dr. Green as if he was an expert witness. People and parents, never idolize others!

I want Jenny McCarthy to know that I don’t think you would put your own child through the harm my son experienced. After multiple IV chelation treatments I took my son home while he is holding his head in pain crying.  I held my non verbal son screaming in pain after he was given secretin.  He was given secretin because “it would give him language according to Dr. Green” Yes he had language after the secretin was given to him. As waves of stomach and head pain came again he yelled out “God Dammit not again!”  I did not even know that my son knew sware words. In fact, he is never said a sware words since then.  These medical treatments were the cause of my sons to be split up.  Victor’s best peer/teacher was his brother Jared.  Jared never believed in these treatments from the start and still to this day has animosity for what his brother and him went through.  These treatments also caused broken relationships.  Dr. Green is listed as a Generation Rescue Recommended doctor on Jenny McCarthy’s website.

Below is a photo of supplements Victor had to take under Dr. Green’s orders which were court ordered at one time.


We are free now!  The bottom line is Victor is no longer being treated by this dangerous way of thinking.  The quacks are gone forever.  Victor, now 21 lives with his father whom has full Guardianship.  Victor has improved with strides physically and mentally since the quacks are gone and breaks my heart if I look back 5 years ago.  Victor is coming out his shell more.  He always had language!  It proves that love and acceptance is the best treatment you give anyone!  Victor and I skype every Sunday night and have visits.  Now that the quacks are gone Victor’s father and I are working together in harmony.

Whatever battle you are in NEVER give up hope because eventually the WHOLE truth will set you free making a full circle to VICTORY!

The most supportive people that helped us to this freedom were people from United Kingdom, Dr. Barrett, Dr. Rust, Dr. Laidler, Dr. Brent, medical boards and my friends whom are on the autistic spectrum.  Thank you!!!!


Be very cautious with the information on the internet and heart wrenching to see autistics being targeted by quacks.

Brothers Voices Heard 10 yrs later!

This case had a total of 10 years of battle in the court room.


It was a case that involved 2 closed knit brothers, born on the same day, exactly a year apart.  The brothers never fought.  A special relationship where the younger brother continues to look up to his older sibling.

Jared and Victor.  Victor was a blue baby when he was born due to choking on the amniotic fluid.  CPR was done twice in the first 2 days of his life.

Victor was very easy, passive and rarely cried even when he was hungry.  A speech specialist told me years later that these were red flags of autism.

I did not know what autism was and living in Oregon through the 90’s it was not spoken of.  As Victor’s behavior was not one I was accustomed too, the more I started researching for answers.  Victor became more withdrawn around 2 to 3 years old.  He would wear a cowboy hat to avoid stares from others.  We were fortunate that our golden lab as shown in this picture constantly watched Victor and would find him for us when he ran off.


One thing lead to another, learning he may be autistic and found many providers at that time were not educated which lead me to a doctor that claimed he treated autism.

We were running on fear, exhausted from worry and wanted what was best for my son.  We joined the bandwagon that he may be sick from the vaccines.  Victor’s brother never believed he was sick and was always upset when the doctor would exam him as if he was.  The first visit with the anti vaccine doctor was an emotional one for both Victor’s dad and I.  The doctor had charm and charisma and stared at Victor saying out loud “We will get you out of there.”  I looked at Victor’s father and his eyes soften with tears and could see he idolized the doctor wanting to believe he was rescuing Victor from what I don’t know.

I was on the bandwagon of this doctor until I knew my son was being over medicated and when 2 weeks of pills over filled a dinner plate it made me ill inside.


The boys father and I fought over the science of autism for years in Oregon.  The judge admitted at the beginning he did not what autism was.  He bought into the anti vaccine’s Doctor’s tongue of charm stating he travels the world with the cutting edge therapies.  The judge agreed to court order me to follow this doctor’s treatments or my visitation and rights would be lessened.

Both Victor’s brother Jared and I were devastated.  I started blogging and putting the doctor’s treatment plan on twitter yelling out that I need help rescuing my son.  I was reported to Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch by a contact from United Kingdom.  Dr. Barrett was the strength and support I needed going through this nightmare.

Victor’s father moved to another state, the judge denied my motion to reopen to listen to expert witnesses on Victor’s treatments but took the advice of the anti vaccine doctor to ok to split the siblings because the father was supportive of the risky treatments.  Jared was having no part of supporting the doctor and was hurt immensely because his voice was not heard and the court rejected his request to talk to the judge privately.

Below is the photo of us shortly before the brother were split.  It brings tears to this day.


Awesome Brothers

As years went on and kept on fighting the good fight til the whole truth came out.

January 2016 was a great victory!  Victor was assigned a Guardian Ad Litem to represent him at 20 years old and at the same time his brother Jared submitted his voice through a declaration to the court.


The Superior Court of State of WA are pleased the anti vaccine doctors are gone and my sons are so much happier now to be loved and accepted for who they are!

Dr. Barrett’s work inspired me to pay it forward by being a CASA Volunteer and how grateful I was that Victor was with me on the day I was sworn in.


CASA for Kids!


I have recently sworn in to be a CASA for kids volunteer.  CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate.  Every kid deserves their voice to be heard in the court room.  This program help kids get in a safe and loving home away from neglect and/or abuse.

It was a special day for me getting sworn in at our district court.  I happened to have my special son that day and he went with me to be sworn in.  I hesitated to take him not wanting him to be uncomfortable but the opposite happened.  He enjoyed looking at the old court building that was built in the late 1880’s.

I am paying it forward for all the great people that helped me behind the scenes of my past court battles.  We are flawed people and we know the court systems can be flawed and for us felt like a maze to get out of a mess.

One really learns from big life battles.  What helped us the best was staying positive, getting back up from knock downs, reaching out to the right people and never giving up with prayers.  At the end one can be filled with so much more knowledge about life things.

I am grateful for the CASA program and hope in the future there will be more programs like this giving kids more voices, more truth in the court room.

Victor is Happy Now!


This photo is yesterday of my son Victor and I.  We were lead to anti vaccine doctors and he is much happier now not having to take 20-30 supplements to clean the toxins in his body.  I have visitation back with Victor now and we do have fun and laughter.

It was sad to watch my non verbal son look at all the supplements he was suppose to take and found he would sneak some in the garbage or throw them under the table.  Can you imaging sitting in his spot and feeling that he is being coached to take all these pills because we don’t accept him the way he is.

There was a time he was given Secretin and the doctor said it was for language.  Victor had language alright but he also had severe pain yelling swear words “God Dammit not again!” as the pain kept recurring in his gut.  I yelled at the doctor to stop the treatment and than he asked to do it later in a smaller dose!

He also had violent reactions from chelation treatments which is chelation abuse.

It has been a year and a half since he has been rescued from the bad doctors and everyone that surrounds Victor can see how much happier he is and is coming out of his shell more with confidence!!







Autistic son Chelation Abuse

If you are a parent of an autistic child and you are researching chelation than I hope you take the to time to read this blurb.

Today I write about Chelation Abuse.  In the late 90’s I did not even know what Autism was and went to the internet to research how to rescue.  As I research I was driven by fear and that itself was my first mistake which lead us into a mess.

The first thing I learned from the internet in the late 90’s was a clean diet such as the gluten/dairy free diet can help.  I was good with that.  Over time, one thing lead to another and we are lead to a medical treatment that includes chelation.  I was convinced at that time that my child was sick and there was this window opportunity that we needed to act on before it was too late.

My son went through chelation abuse for years.  Multiple times after chelation my son held his head crying, sweating, holding his hands to both sides of his head in pain.  There was also so many days of painful diarrhea.  The doctor response said that this reaction is temporary and sometimes you will experience regression before you see improvements.  You may wonder why was this type of treatment tolerated?  We were in a mess and could write a book on it because it was mess that ethically was wrong on so many levels!  But right now just want to focus on chelation.

Today there is currently a new hype about the VAXXED movie and looks like Generation Rescue is taking advantage of this moment to lead people to their site to set up you with a rescue angel.  I just want to share that one of the doctors that is labeled “Generation Rescue Recommended” was a doctor that was ok chelating my son for years and realized later it was abuse.

Below is links about chelation. The first site is off the State of Oregon government which made possible after reporting our experience to the Oregon Medical Board.

The second site is good information from Chelation Watch which is the site that helped me get out of our mess.

We don’t need a rescue angel for my son.  He is an angel that has touched our family in ways making us better people.  It showed us that our heavenly father can make any complicated mess into a blessing in disguise. Hopefully our story will help others to avoid the long suffering we experienced.  I don’t want sympathy and believe things happen for a reason.

Have a wonderful day!










Cousins Love!


Your own kids are such a gift and blessing!  The unconditional love is priceless between Victor and his cousins! He has so much fun hanging out with Janie, playing the imaginary band with Melissa and steeling Jessica’s sunglasses. Cousins are great to have.


Montana Hike! Throw back


What a day this was! In August 2013, my two sons and I join family to hike on top of Mt Haggin, elevation of 10,600!  I have a great fear of Heights and my legs were very wobbly!  My brother Ed in the very back, the next row my son Jared in the green shirt, Victor in the blue whom was very relaxed, Jessica in the green, Rodney on the right and me in the front smiling in pain. It was all worth it, hiking in remembrance of my nephew and the view was heavenly!  Montana is beautiful!

Gluten Free Cookies!


We did discover that gluten free diet helped my autistic son and myself.  In this picture we were enjoying our gluten free chocolate chip cookies!  Eating half the bag of them was probably not the smartest thing to do! Yum they were good!